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Tareas de escritura
Writing English-Spanish Homework

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Graphic organizers
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Bingo game of Numbers to 20
Numbers to 10
Comparing Numbers to 10
Adding Two Numbers that Make 10
Adding Making a 10
Subtracting Making a 10
Adding a number more than 10
Height and Length


Adding to 40 using place value
Tens and Ones
Addition with Regrouping
Addition with Regrouping Example 1
Favorite Fruit Graph
Place Value Story
Regrouping Game
Comparing to 20


Math Homework


Blank Number Line
Addition Template with Place Value Chart and Number Bond
Number Bond with Symbols
Number Bond of Two Levels, set 1
Number Bond of Two Levels, set 2
Place Value Chart
Two Place Value Charts
More-Fewer-Same As
Adding one more
Numbers that are more, but less than others
Addition story: butterflies
Addition story: ducks
Commutative Property
Ten frame to 10
Subtraction story 1
Subtraction story 2
Addition practice
Vocabulario Subtraction
Vocabulary for Shapes
Subtraction practice
Missing Part Domino Game (#5)
Missing Part Domino Game (#6)
Missing Part Domino Game (#7)
Missing Part Domino Game (#8)
Missing Part Domino Game (#9)
Missing Part Domino Game (#10)
Play money
Play money 10
Standard and place value notation

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Science and Technology


Technology Lessons

Technology project
Useful Websites

Science Lessons

Science Sentence Stems
Types of movements
Parts of a plant
Living things
Book for Animal Characteristics
Science Vocabulary


Parts of a Plant

External Websites

San Diego Zoo
Nat Geo: Animals
Science Kids: Animal Facts
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